Jan 31 2008

How to deal with “Login Failure: the target account name is incorrect” on a Windows file share

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Jan 28 2008

How to redirect users’ favorites folder using VBScript

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Update: wnaquin in the comments below pointed out that the users’ actual favorites were not in the new location. Keep in mind that this script does not actually copy any data to the new location. So this will work for new users, but for existing users you will have to copy their data manually [...]

Jan 22 2008

The only IT TShirt you’ll ever need!

Those in the IT Field know how difficult it can be to deal with users. At times I have to balance good customer service with my need to let the user know how technologically challenged he or she might be. Or, not even technologically challenged. Just challenged, period.
I mean a real user was responsible for [...]

Jan 18 2008

How to get past the 250 character limit on Windows file copying

Google Query: cannot remove folder filename or extension too long
I was copying some files from an older file server to a newer file server when I ran across the above error. After some Googling, I was reminded of a Windows “feature” that I have not had to deal with before. Apparently there is a 250 [...]

Jan 9 2008

How to use free ($) software to sensibly protect your Windows PC

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Let’s get right to the point. The big anti-virus products suck! McAfee sucks! Norton sucks! Panda sucks! They infect your Windows-based systems with their sucktitude until you lose all productivity. Isn’t the point of anti-virus to protect you from a loss of productivity? Does this line sound familiar?
“I spent 4 hours last night trying [...]

Jan 7 2008

How to hide a beer recipe using an NTFS alternate data stream

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So you don’t want to actually delete that secret beer recipe? No problem, you can hide it in plain site using an NTFS alternate data stream. As part of my MBA Thesis, I researched different ways to hide data on Windows-based PC’s. An NTFS alternate data stream was one .
So what exactly [...]

Jan 3 2008

The best user phrase ever!

Those who work in the IT field know the drill. You go to work on a computer that a user has obviously done something to, but the user has no idea what happened. It usually goes something like this:
“I don’t know why I got a virus after going to that highly reputable gambling site on [...]

Jan 2 2008

How to securely delete data from a Windows computer

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Do you have a super secret home-brewed beer recipe that you don’t want anyone to know about? Do you have the ultimate Paladin build worked out in World of Warcraft? Whether you are a master brewer or a master at Paladin PVP, you will probably want to delete some data on your Windows computer [...]



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