Feb 25 2008

Five free alternatives for bloated software on Windows

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I have always said that Windows machines would run perfectly fine if it weren’t for all the software that people install on them . There is [...]

Feb 19 2008

Silly user, you didn’t save it in word…

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Welcome to the first Searchmarked.com video. Those in the IT field have come across this infamous line more often then they care to count.
“I saved it in Word”
What the heck does that even mean!?! Well, I put together this short video to try and explain what a user might be thinking and to help [...]

Feb 15 2008

Decimal fraction to Base 16 conversion problem

Recently a reader (Omar) left some comments on my post about base conversion involving a fraction. I will attempt to help him out in this post. This may clear up some problems for any other folks that may be having base conversion trouble.
Omar writes:
“Convert the following number to from decimal to hexadecimal, stop at [...]

Feb 4 2008

How to keep backups from hogging your VM bandwidth

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About a month into our file server consolidation project at work, we receive a call from the Sales manager that one of their applications that runs from the new file server is slow. It is taking five minutes to create a report that should only take about 30 seconds to 1 minute. This particular [...]



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