Jul 27 2008

How to reset the offline folder cache on Windows XP

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If any of you have ever worked with offline folders in Windows, you know how frustrating it is when a server changes or is no longer available and [...]

Jul 11 2008

Rollingablog.com’s Blog is functional

Just a quick note to let you know that Rollingablog.com’s Blog is operational as a bare-bones blog. It’s not very pretty because I haven’t added any styling to it. But, that’s the point. I want to be able to show you the progress of the blog as I build it.
The blog itself can be reached [...]

Jul 4 2008

My new project at RollingABlog.com

As if I didn’t have enough to do, I have decided to roll my own blog in Ruby on Rails. I am doing it for the learning experience that it will give me.
In usual Searchmarked.com fashion, I want my readers to learn along with me. So, I will be exposing the blog at its various [...]

Jul 3 2008

How to fix the Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_content_limit() in the Wordpress Revolution Theme

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A friend of mine decided to Join the Wordpress Revolution and purchase the Wordpress Revolution Theme. Overall, he was very happy with the theme. After all, you can’t do a Google search for “Best Wordpress Magazine Theme” without seeing Revolution come up.
However, he had a small problem when he first installed the theme, which [...]

Jul 3 2008

How to create a popular posts page with the wp-postviews plugin

Searchmarked.com Tip
I get a lot of questions on how I created my Popular page on Searchmarked.com. I use a combination of Lester Chan’s wp-postviews plugin and some thinking outside the box (literally) to accomplish this.
This recipe requires that plugin to work so follow the steps below to get started:
-Download wp-postviews

-Install wp-postviews on your Wordpress blog
-Read [...]

Jul 2 2008

How to redirect output when using wscript.shell in vbscript

Google Query: Wscript.Shell Application redirection output
I was trying to run ipconfig in one of my vbscripts using wscript.shell and the run method. However, I was trying to redirect the output to a text file. It just wasn’t working. It was a combination of those tricky double quotes and me not knowing the proper syntax to [...]

Jul 2 2008

Yaro Starak’s 10 Proven Blog Traffic Tips

After reading his free whitepaper on building a successful blog as a business, I had to learn more from Yaro Starak. His advice made so much sense to me, I can’t believe I hadn’t approached blogging from this perspective before. You can download the free report below:

Click here to download the Blog Profits Blueprint

I started [...]

Jul 1 2008

How to hide typed passwords in a vbscript message box

Google Query: hide password in vbscript
Sometimes you may need to prompt the user for a password in one of your vbscripts. No big deal right? It wouldn’t be except that the password can be seen in plain text as the user types it in. There is no way that I know of to hide the [...]

Jul 1 2008

How to work around the Warning: cannot yet handle MBCS in html_entity_decode()! error with WP-Postviews

Searchmarked.com Tip
I don’t remember exactly where I found this little hack or I would have put the usual google query with a link to the source in this post. So whoever you are out there, thank you. I love the WP-Postviews plugin, but I found out after some Googling that it does not work with [...]

Jul 1 2008

How to pin a VBScript to the Windows start menu

Google query: vbscript on start menu
I was playing around with one of the VBScripts that I written and I was trying to get it to pin to the start menu. The only problem is that pinning to the start menu is only available to applications. So I did some googling and came upon a post [...]


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