Jun 15 2009

Pictures Missing from iPhoto Library

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Google Query: iphoto not showing all pics in the library

My wife loves her MAC. Ever since we switched her to it from a PC, I have not had to do tech support at home. However, sometimes even MACs do strange things. My wife noticed that not all of the pictures were showing up in her iPhoto Library. I took a look and was about to resort to the daily backup that we do on her MAC.

However, Google came to the rescue again. After a quick search, I found the answer on the Apple Forums. Basically, I had to rebuild the iPhoto database by taking these steps:

  • Launch iPhoto with the Command + Option keys depressed.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to rebuild the iPhoto database and thumbnail cache.

That’s it! After about 10 Minutes the iPhoto database had been rebuilt and the pictures were showing up again. Happy Photo browsing!

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