Jun 7 2008

Don’t forget to sudo

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One of the most common mistakes that I see new Ubuntu users (new to Linux) make is not using sudo. The Ubuntu community has some excellent forums with [...]

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Mar 12 2008

Pointless Ubuntu performance test

I came upon this little gem on youtube today. Why on earth people feel the need to argue the awesomeness of Ubuntu by doing stuff like this is beyond me. Ubuntu is awesome for so many reasons. Videos like this do nothing but solidify the attitude that Linux is just a toy.
Anyway, the video is [...]

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Feb 19 2008

Silly user, you didn’t save it in word…

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Welcome to the first Searchmarked.com video. Those in the IT field have come across this infamous line more often then they care to count.
“I saved it in Word”
What the heck does that even mean!?! Well, I put together this short video to try and explain what a user might be thinking and to help [...]

Jan 22 2008

The only IT TShirt you’ll ever need!

Those in the IT Field know how difficult it can be to deal with users. At times I have to balance good customer service with my need to let the user know how technologically challenged he or she might be. Or, not even technologically challenged. Just challenged, period.
I mean a real user was responsible for [...]

Jan 3 2008

The best user phrase ever!

Those who work in the IT field know the drill. You go to work on a computer that a user has obviously done something to, but the user has no idea what happened. It usually goes something like this:
“I don’t know why I got a virus after going to that highly reputable gambling site on [...]

Dec 27 2007

How to bypass a network security policy without hacking into Active Directory

Sometimes the ingenuity of users amazes me. I have never seen anything like the following scenario. More on that in a second.
As an IT Professional, I have to enforce certain network policies from time to time. I have had to implement Web filtering (I am not a fan, I assure you), email retention policies, disk [...]



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