Jun 3 2009

How to get past the “password and username do not match” error in Google Talk on the Blackberry

If you’re new here, you may want to start with my most popular posts. Then, subscribe to my RSS feed to stay updated. Thanks for visiting!So, I finally got around to downloading google talk for Blackberry . I was all ready to try out my new toy when, BAM! I got this:
“password and username [...]

Jun 30 2008

How to add google custom search to a self-hosted Wordpress 2.5 blog

Searchmarked.com Tip
This tip requires that you host your Wordpress blog yourself and it’s easier to accomplish with Wordpress 2.5.
I get a few questions on how I implement the Google Custom Search that I have on Searchmarked.com under the Bookmark Search section. It’s actually quite easy.
-The first thing you need to do is set up a [...]

Jun 30 2008

How to convert from base 10 another base using Google

Google Query: convert from base 10 to base 16 using google
If you had read my post on how to do base conversions, you should now be a master of base conversions . Now that you are a master you should be able to use shortcuts when necessary right? Well, I know that google [...]


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