Dec 14 2007

How to deal with long filenames in Windows Powershell

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I was working on a project the other day where I had to call a program from within Windows Powershell. This particular program needed [...]

Dec 10 2007

How to put line breaks into a text string in Windows Powershell

Google Query: line breaks in powershell
In a particular Powershell project I was working on, I needed to “Send an email using Windows Powershell.” I figured out how to do that, so the next trick was formatting the body of the email to look like more than just one long sentence.
In VBScript you would do this [...]

Dec 5 2007

How to send an email using a Windows Powershell script


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Google Query: send email with powershell
In a previous post, I showed you how you can schedule a Powershell script. In this post I show you how to use Powershell to send an email. Thanks to Otto Helweg for the inspiration. This might be useful if you would like an email sent confirming [...]

Dec 3 2007

How to schedule a Windows Powershell script

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Google Query: schedule a powershell script
I was recently working on a project where I needed to schedule a Windows Powershell script to run. [...]



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