Jan 9 2008

How to use free ($) software to sensibly protect your Windows PC

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Let’s get right to the point. The big anti-virus products suck! McAfee sucks! Norton sucks! Panda sucks! They infect your Windows-based systems with their sucktitude until you lose [...]

Jan 7 2008

How to hide a beer recipe using an NTFS alternate data stream

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So you don’t want to actually delete that secret beer recipe? No problem, you can hide it in plain site using an NTFS alternate data stream. As part of my MBA Thesis, I researched different ways to hide data on Windows-based PC’s. An NTFS alternate data stream was one .
So what exactly [...]

Jan 2 2008

How to securely delete data from a Windows computer

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Do you have a super secret home-brewed beer recipe that you don’t want anyone to know about? Do you have the ultimate Paladin build worked out in World of Warcraft? Whether you are a master brewer or a master at Paladin PVP, you will probably want to delete some data on your Windows computer [...]

Dec 27 2007

How to bypass a network security policy without hacking into Active Directory

Sometimes the ingenuity of users amazes me. I have never seen anything like the following scenario. More on that in a second.
As an IT Professional, I have to enforce certain network policies from time to time. I have had to implement Web filtering (I am not a fan, I assure you), email retention policies, disk [...]

Dec 6 2007

How to surf anonymously using an SSH tunnel and Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10)

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Wireless hotspots are certainly convenient if you carry a laptop with you frequently. However, if a network is free and open for [...]


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