Mar 7 2011

Hypervisor in a Hypervisor. Yes you can, but not with Xen.

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A colleague of mine recently asked me if it was possible to install the Xen Hypervisor on the VMware Hypervisor. The answer, of course [...]

Jun 11 2009

Upgrading RAM in VMware Player VM

I get a lot of questions on how to upgrade the memory in a VMware Player Virtual Machine (VM). So, I figured I would post it so everyone can see. It’s actually quite easy. Just follow these steps:

Look for a *.vmx file in the directory that your VM is stored in.
Open up this file in [...]

Jun 30 2008

Running Windows games on a MAC with VMWare Fusion Tip-Google Query Combo
Google Query: games that work with vmware fusion
When I first talk about VMWare with most casual users and I say that they have a version for MAC. The first question I get is “Can it run games?” Well, the short answer is yes it can. The qualified answer is yes but…
VMWare Fusion [...]

Jun 29 2008

Experiment with different applications quickly using VMWare Virtual Appliance Marketplace Tip
If you have installed VMWare, then congratulations! You have taken an exciting step into the freedom and efficiency that comes with virtualization. You are no longer stuck just running Windows, or Linux, or Unix, or Mac (VMWare Fusion is the Mac VMWare product). However, you still have to create virtual machines and install Operating [...]

Jun 27 2008

How to create an iso image on ESX Server (or any Linux Distro)

Google Query: create an iso on ESX server
For those who work with VMWare ESX Server regularly, you know that one of the quickest ways to get an Operating System installed on a VM is to install it from an iso image. But how do you get the iso image onto your ESX host easily? You [...]

Feb 4 2008

How to keep backups from hogging your VM bandwidth Tip
About a month into our file server consolidation project at work, we receive a call from the Sales manager that one of their applications that runs from the new file server is slow. It is taking five minutes to create a report that should only take about 30 seconds to 1 minute. This particular [...]

Dec 31 2007

An MBA, a 4.0, and a baffled police department.

I recently finished my MBA with a hard earned 4.0! Not bad for working full-time and going to school at night. Along with the MBA came my Master’s Thesis…
*Cue the music of dread and certain doom*
In my thesis, I wanted to see what a criminal might be able to accomplish with Virtualization technology as far [...]

Dec 12 2007

How to install the free ($) VMWare Server in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10)

Google Query: how to install vmware server on ubuntu gutsy gibbon
I am a huge fan of VMware. I even write freelance articles about VMware and virtualization technology. With Ubuntu the cool factor with VMware is evident when you can have an Ubuntu workspace on one side of a spinning cube and a Windows Desktop [...]



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