Jul 3 2008

How to fix the Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_content_limit() in the Wordpress Revolution Theme

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A friend of mine decided to Join the Wordpress Revolution and purchase the Wordpress Revolution Theme. Overall, he was very happy with the theme. After all, you can’t [...]

Jul 3 2008

How to create a popular posts page with the wp-postviews plugin

Searchmarked.com Tip
I get a lot of questions on how I created my Popular page on Searchmarked.com. I use a combination of Lester Chan’s wp-postviews plugin and some thinking outside the box (literally) to accomplish this.
This recipe requires that plugin to work so follow the steps below to get started:
-Download wp-postviews

-Install wp-postviews on your Wordpress blog
-Read [...]

Jul 1 2008

How to work around the Warning: cannot yet handle MBCS in html_entity_decode()! error with WP-Postviews

Searchmarked.com Tip
I don’t remember exactly where I found this little hack or I would have put the usual google query with a link to the source in this post. So whoever you are out there, thank you. I love the WP-Postviews plugin, but I found out after some Googling that it does not work with [...]

Jun 30 2008

How to add google custom search to a self-hosted Wordpress 2.5 blog

Searchmarked.com Tip
This tip requires that you host your Wordpress blog yourself and it’s easier to accomplish with Wordpress 2.5.
I get a few questions on how I implement the Google Custom Search that I have on Searchmarked.com under the Bookmark Search section. It’s actually quite easy.
-The first thing you need to do is set up a [...]

Dec 17 2007

How to wrap text around an adsense block in a Wordpress post

Google Query: how to wrap text around adsense block
Some of the readers of this blog have been asking me how I wrap the text around the adsense block in the beginning of the posts. After some Googling, I found an article to get me started over at ErikVossman.com. The summary is listed below.
With my particular [...]

Dec 6 2007

How to exclude pages from the list in Wordpress

Google Query: exclude pages in wordpress list
If you are trying to use something like Google Custom Search on your Wordpress blog, you need to have a search results page set up in Wordpress to use the iframe Search configuration. This is fine, but you probably don’t want people to be able to navigate [...]



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