Jan 3 2008

The best user phrase ever!

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Those who work in the IT field know the drill. You go to work on a computer that a user has obviously done something to, but the user has no idea what happened. It usually goes something like this:

“I don’t know why I got a virus after going to that highly reputable gambling site on the Internets…”

You usually just say “Uh Huh” and go on about your business. However, I ran into a really good user phrase today that I just had to post. Follow the scenario below for details.

-User calls to complain that there is a crack in the laptop

-IT person goes down to look at the laptop

-Upon arriving there is, indeed, a crack in the laptop.

-Then, the user converses with the IT person and spouts out this little gem:

“I don’t know why that happened to the laptop. I haven’t dropped it in two months…”

WHAT!?! Are you kidding me? This is comic gold! Not only is that the first honest statement that I have heard a user make, but the user was dead serious. What would happen if that kind of naive honesty were applied to different situations?

-Doctor’s Office

“I don’t know why that happened to little Timmy. I haven’t dropped him in two months…”

-Veterinarian’s Office

“I don’t know why that happened to Snowball. I haven’t dropped her in two months…”

-Retirement Home (Orderly talking to a grandchild)

“I don’t know why that happened to your Granny. I haven’t dropped her in two months…”

You get the point. This phrase is truly funny because it can go in all sorts of directions (not just with a laptop). Do you have a user phrase that made you laugh out loud? Share it with me in the comments. Happy Laughing!

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