Jun 30 2008

How to convert from base 10 another base using Google

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Google Query: convert from base 10 to base 16 using google

If you had read my post on how to do base conversions, you should now be a master of base conversions ;) . Now that you are a master you should be able to use shortcuts when necessary right? Well, I know that google can convert from base 10 to some of the more common bases like 2, 8, and 16 and vice-versa. I just forgot the syntax so I did some googling and found a great post from a Google employee, (Matt Cutts) on how to do this. Thanks Matt!

Basically you can do the following in the search box at Google.com

For example, to convert 128 (base-10) into other bases:
Decimal to Binary-

128 in binary

Binary (you must use the 0b prefix) to Decimal

0b10000000 in decimal

Decimal to Octal

128 in octal

Octal (you must use the 0o prefix) to Decimal

0o200 in decimal

Decimal to Hexadecimal

128 in hex

Hexadecimal (you must use the 0x prefix) to Decimal

0x80 in decimal

You can also use these same techniques to convert from the other bases(2,8,16) to any other base that Google supports (2,8,16). The Google calculator is an amazing thing. It even knows the answer to:

the answer to life the universe and everything

That’s it! Happy Google converting!

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