Jun 11 2009

A utility to get past the “Error Deleting File or Folder” error.

If you’re new here, you may want to start with my most popular posts. Then, subscribe to my RSS feed to stay updated. Thanks for visiting!Have you ever run into any of the following when trying to delete a file?

Cannot delete file: Access is denied
There has been a sharing violation.
The source or destination file [...]

Jul 27 2008

How to reset the offline folder cache on Windows XP

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If any of you have ever worked with offline folders in Windows, you know how frustrating it is when a server changes or is no longer available and Windows still tries to keep the offline folders synchronized. This is not only annoying for one user, but is extremely annoying in a shared computing environment [...]

Jul 2 2008

How to redirect output when using wscript.shell in vbscript

Google Query: Wscript.Shell Application redirection output
I was trying to run ipconfig in one of my vbscripts using wscript.shell and the run method. However, I was trying to redirect the output to a text file. It just wasn’t working. It was a combination of those tricky double quotes and me not knowing the proper syntax to [...]

Jul 1 2008

How to pin a VBScript to the Windows start menu

Google query: vbscript on start menu
I was playing around with one of the VBScripts that I written and I was trying to get it to pin to the start menu. The only problem is that pinning to the start menu is only available to applications. So I did some googling and came upon a post [...]

Jun 28 2008

How to configure Windows IP settings from the command prompt.

Google Query: change ip address from command line
As an IT professional, I often have to use a laptop to test software or services on different subnets where I am working. Some of these subnets do not provide DHCP so that I can obtain an IP Address automagically . I would have to go [...]

Jan 31 2008

How to deal with “Login Failure: the target account name is incorrect” on a Windows file share

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Google Query: Login Failure: the target account name is incorrect
This problem had me going for a bit today. As it turns out the [...]

Jan 28 2008

How to redirect users’ favorites folder using VBScript

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Update: wnaquin in the comments below pointed out that the users’ actual favorites were not in the new location. Keep in mind that this script does not actually copy any data to the new location. So this will work for new users, but for existing users you will have to copy their data manually [...]


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