Dec 4 2007

How to be more productive with the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) Terminal using Tilda

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Would you like to access the Ubuntu terminal by just hitting a key? Now you can with Tilda. For those who played Quake or similar games, Tilda is like the Quake Terminal. You just hit one key and a terminal pops down from above. It sure beats using “Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal”.

To get started you must first install Tilda by typing this at the Terminal:
sudo apt-get install tilda

Once Tilda is installed, you can set it up using the following command at the Terminal:
tilda -C

On my setup, I have “Start Tilda Hidden” selected on the “General Tab”. I also have “50% Height” and “100% Width on the appearance tab.

Once tilda is set up it will launch (My key for tilda is the default F1 key). Now all I do is press F1 and I have access to the Ubuntu Terminal.

If you want tilda to start automatically when you log in to Ubuntu, just go to “System -> Preferences -> Sessions” and under the “Startup Programs” tab add a new program, name it Tilda in the name field. Now type “tilda” in the Command field. Click “OK”.

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