Jun 29 2008

Experiment with different applications quickly using VMWare Virtual Appliance Marketplace

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If you have installed VMWare, then congratulations! You have taken an exciting step into the freedom and efficiency that comes with virtualization. You are no longer stuck just running Windows, or Linux, or Unix, or Mac (VMWare Fusion is the Mac VMWare product). However, you still have to create virtual machines and install Operating Systems and applications on those machines for them to be useful. That is, unless you just download any one of the many pre-configured virtual machines from the VMWare Virtual Appliance Marketplace (http://www.vmware.com/appliances/).

Not only are these virtual machines pre-configured with Operating Systems, many of them have application stacks already pre-loaded and ready to go. Want to experiment with Ruby on Rails? No problem just download the appliance. Want to try out aWiki? No problem just download the appliance. I think you can see a pattern developing here ;) . Each virtual appliance is a complete virtual machine that is ready to run in VMWare Server, VMWare Workstation, VMWare Player, and VMWare Fusion. They could also be run in VMWare ESX with some importing.

Just download the virtual appliance, unzip it to your preferred location and open the *.vmx file in your VMWare product. After that you are ready to roll. That’s it!

Do you have a favorite virtual appliance? Let me know in the comments. Happy VM’ing!

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