Jun 27 2008

How to create an iso image on ESX Server (or any Linux Distro)

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Google Query: create an iso on ESX server

For those who work with VMWare ESX Server regularly, you know that one of the quickest ways to get an Operating System installed on a VM is to install it from an iso image. But how do you get the iso image onto your ESX host easily? You could create the iso on another system and transfer it to the ESX host, but why not cut through the middle-man and create the iso image right on the ESX host using the console.

Thanks to VM Weekly I found this little command that will do the trick (you may want to navigate to the location you are storing your iso images before doing this):

dd if=/dev/cdrom of="filename.iso"

That’s it! This should also work on any Linux Distribution also. Happy iso creating!

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  1. kerry said:

    If you want to create ISO file from DVD in Mac OS X,I share you below website:

    June 16th, 2009 at 9:38 pm


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