Jun 30 2008

Running Windows games on a MAC with VMWare Fusion

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When I first talk about VMWare with most casual users and I say that they have a version for MAC. The first question I get is “Can it run games?” Well, the short answer is yes it can. The qualified answer is yes but…

VMWare Fusion has experimental support for DirextX 9 3D on applications that do not require pixel shaders. So, how do you know what will work?

Well for starters, there is a list of games that require pixel shaders on Wikipedia. These are the games that are guaranteed not to work.

As for the ones that do work, I had to do a bit of Google searching. I finally found a decent post on this topic in the VMWare Community Forums. A special thanks to etung for starting this document.

The document is a chart of games that people have tried along with details on how they worked. Very valuable information. While it’s still trial and error at this point, I am glad that this document exists so that users can add their experiences with VMWare Fusion and gaming. Register on the VMWare Community Forums if you have something to add to the VMWare Fusion gaming document. The more games that work, the better market share VMWare will have on the MAC. After all, we all know Windows is only good for gaming anyway ;) .

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