Dec 4 2007

How to deal with the “Outlook cannot locate reccurence information for this appointment” error

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Google Query: outlook cannot locate recurrence information for this appointment

Windows software is full of weird errors. This error is actually one of the less cryptic ones. It means that a calendar entry has been corrupted. I found the solution at Midtown Computer Systems Enterprise, after some Googling. To fix this error in Outlook 2003, you must simply find the corrupt calendar entries, delete them, and recreate them.

To do this follow these steps:

-In Outlook 2003 click to select the Calendar.

-On the View menu choose “Arrange by” and then choose “Current View” and click “Reccuring Appointments”.

-Try to open the recurring appointments one by one until you find the entries that are giving you the error.

-Delete and recreate these appointments.

-Close and reopen Outlook 2003 and the error should be gone.

Happy Meeting Attendance!

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