Jul 27 2008

How to reset the offline folder cache on Windows XP

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If any of you have ever worked with offline folders in Windows, you know how frustrating it is when a server changes or is no longer available and Windows still tries to keep the offline folders synchronized. This is not only annoying for one user, but is extremely annoying in a shared computing environment where multiple users log on to the same PC. This is because offline files stores files for every user that logs on and it tries to synchronize every users’ offline files every time.

When offline files become a burden, there is a simple trick to reset the offline file cache on Windows XP (it is not obvious if you have never done it before). The steps are below:

-You must be logged on as a user with Administrator Rights.

-Open up Windows Explorer by pressing “Windows Key + E” (or by using the myriad of other ways to open Windows Explorer).

-Navigate to Tools -> Folder Options

-Go to the Offline Files tab

-Now hold down “CTRL+SHIFT” and left click on the “Delete Files…” option.

-A confirmation message will appear.

-Click “Yes”

-Click “OK” on the Offline Files option window.

-Reboot your computer.

-Now the offline files cache has been reset and you can start corrupting it again from scratch! ;)

That’s it! Happy file caching!

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  1. Armen Shirvanian said:

    Much of this procedure might be thought to be intuitive, until one gets to the point where they would have to hold Control and Shift, and then click on the “Delete Files…” button. It tends to be the case that there is one main step that is the one that holds individuals back from performing a function they know they are close to being able to perform.

    December 1st, 2008 at 9:42 pm
  2. Bike Storage said:

    I have a windows vista ultimate laptop.When I bought it it had Windows xp on it.I upgraded it to windows vista then it started rebooting.So when the computer shop people tried to put Windows xp the computer didn’t respond they said that it is beacause of the sata harddisk.After somehow they put Windows xp.then my dad put windows vista again.Now it works properly.but I want to put windows xp now should i do it?

    June 2nd, 2011 at 2:02 am


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