Jun 30 2008

How to add google custom search to a self-hosted Wordpress 2.5 blog

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Searchmarked.com Tip

This tip requires that you host your Wordpress blog yourself and it’s easier to accomplish with Wordpress 2.5.

I get a few questions on how I implement the Google Custom Search that I have on Searchmarked.com under the Bookmark Search section. It’s actually quite easy.

-The first thing you need to do is set up a Google Custom Search.

-Once the search is set up, go to your Google Custom Search control panel and click on the code link.

-To have the results show up on your site, choose host the results on your website and the iframe option.

-Choose the url you would like the search results to show up on your site (you will need to create this page on your blog).

-You should now have two code boxes. One for the search box and one for the search results page.

-You need to create a private results page on your Wordpress blog by selecting “keep this page private.”

-Make sure this page name matches the one you used in the url for the Google Custom Search.

-The search box code is what forms your Search Box. Mine is implemented on a separate page by pasting the code in HTML view on the page, but you could just as easily paste this code in a text widget on your sidebar.

-Remember that private search results page you created? That is where you should paste the Search Results Code.

-Now publish the Search Results page (keeping it private) and you are all set.

That’s it! Happy Custom Searching!

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